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DVD Montessori Training Courses

Not holding accredited status with MACTE.

Full MTP International Certification for Level Birth to 3 Years


Montessori education provides adults with knowledge and skills to assist exciting, hands-on learning for children.  Through Montessori Teacher Preparation of Washington’s DVD course, you will learn how to use the Montessori method in your infant/toddler classroom and in your home.

This 75+ hour DVD Montessori training program covers the following topics:

  • Montessori Philosophy
  • Child Development
  • Observation Methods
  • Environmental Design
  • Administration and Parent Relations

This course consists of three parts: 

  • Phase I – academic
  • Phase II – internship
  • Phase III – application for MTPI certification

In Phase I you will:

  • Gain new concepts in education of young children through reading Dr. Montessori’s books, hearing discussions of her ideas, and writing your own thoughts regarding her philosophy of education.
  • Watch 75+ hours of lectures, discussions and learning materials being presented by a master teacher.  You may keep the rented DVD as long as one month, re-running it until you have mastered the material and then return it.  At least 2 hours of DVD study should be completed for each 1-hour of video material.
  • Proceed at your own pace, requesting the next DVD when you return the completed one.
  • Refine your knowledge and skills by completing academic assignments.
  • Demonstrate your study of the materials by compiling 5 albums.  Five MTP decals will be provided to you by MTP of WA to unify your 5 albums of learning.
  • Prove competency with the materials by attending a 1-week competency testing at Montessori Plus School in Kent any time during the year.  (Options: 1)  Mrs. McClurkin may be able to fly to you at your expense to provide the review and testing at your own school.  2)  Send 3 video’s of your work with infants or toddlers during your internship.  Special permission is needed for this option.)

When your written assignments and 5 albums have been completed, you may apply for your academic certificate from Montessori Teacher Preparation International (MTPI), and begin Phase II.  Exceptions may be made for experienced persons to begin their internship concurrent to Phase I.

In Phase II you will prove competency in a Montessori classroom certified by the MTPI.  You will:

  • Work and learn under an experienced Category A certified Montessori teacher.  (A Category A teacher holds a B.A., a national Birth – 3 Montessori teaching certificate and has one year’s teaching experience.)  Self-directed internships may be approved as well.
  • Complete an intern diary and 400 hours of internship.
  • Complete all of the requirements as outlined in the intern job description.

After successful completion of Phase I and Phase II, you will enter Phase III, which consists of application for full MTPI certification. MTPI is the progressive, distance-learning affiliate of MTP of WA. All MTP of WA DVD courses do not hold MACTE accredited status.

Course Fees
DVD 1 (refundable, prior to full enrollment) $35
Enrollment fee (non-refundable) $100
Materials fee: handouts and pictures, sets A & B (non-refundable) $130
51 DVD rentals at $35 each (tapes 2 – 52) (non-refundable) $1,785
Instructor fee (non-refundable) $150
Rental of 8 MTP observation DVD’s (tapes 53 – 60) $200
Video recorded final evaluation (non-refundable) $50
Certification fee $100
TOTAL $2,550


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