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Parent Recommendations


How Your Kid Will Amaze You:

“Before coming to Montessori Plus, my son (age 5) didn’t even like to hold a pen in his hand and color, much less write. At Montessori Plus not only have we been able to see him hold a pen and write, but he enjoys it!”

“My son had been to a traditional preschool program before coming to Montessori Plus. We had no idea how much of a difference the Montessori experience would make. He was already able to read, but here we have been able to see him increase his writing ability, learn math (he even can do some division at this age), science and geography. We were at a museum one afternoon and he pointed to a flag and told us that it was the Japanese flag (which it was), and that he had learned this in his geography class. This is just one of many examples I could give…”

“There are many teachers to a classroom so help is readily available to the children, though Ms. Punsala is the gem of the school. She gets to know each child personally with care and curiosity. With this information she is able to find out the ways they best learn and grow as people, then is able to put this into practice in the classroom. As far as I’m concerned, she works magic πŸ™‚ She has the unique ability to connect with both parents and children, maintaining a balance of structure and nurture. Mr. Malinda also adds to the program with his dedication to the child learning experience and his ability get down on the child’s level to play. My son loves that he will play ball with him in the gym after helping him with work in the classroom! The children love them and enjoy all the teachers, which makes for a positive learning environment.”

“I can’t say enough about how happy we have been with this program and how much we would recommend it to others looking for a place to send their child for a positive, enriching, and educational experience. The only regret we have is that we did not send him here sooner!”

β€” Sean and Michelle Ryan


“My family had just moved to the area from the NY/NJ area, and we were looking for a pre-school for my then 2.5 year old daughter. A friend had suggested we check out the Montessori Plus School in Kent. We can’t thank these friends enough for pointing us to this very special school. My daughter was hesitant to go to a school, considering all the transitions and changes that had recently happened, but the staff and teachers at Montessori made it the smoothest process. In a matter of a couple days, my daughter was loving her time at school. The teachers and staff are some of the warmest and loving people you could entrust your children to. Not only was my daughter in a nurturing and caring environment, we were amazed to see how much my daughter was learning academically. In just a couple weeks, my daughter surprised me by knowing how to count to 20 in both English and Spanish. And she learned all her alphabet and even the phonetic sounds. As parents, we are so grateful to Montessori, as they even helped create a community for all the parents of the children. If it wasn’t for Montessori Plus, we would have had a far more difficult time in transitioning to the area. We really love Montessori Plus School!”

β€” Abraham Kim β€” January, 2016


“We only wanted the best for our child and, after much research, decided to enroll our 3 year old daughter at Montessori Plus in the fall of 2008. She was a bit fearful at first, but as she met the teachers and others students she absolutely loved attending, anticipating what each day would bring. I found every instructor to be very highly skilled and well educated. They also were very attentive, loving, respectful, and patient to each and every student, understanding that each child learns differently. I felt Montessori Plus did an excellent job at engaging the parents and keeping them informed of what the children were learning each week. They also fostered a confidence and desire to learn more by pro-actively exploring their faith, world, and surroundings. I made the tough decision to pull her from Montessori Plus for Kindergarten in a public school. By then (end of Pre-K), my daughter already knew some of her multiplication tables and was reading everything we put in front of her. I was shocked to find that by the end of the program, should we have kept her enrolled, and the student be prepared for it, they would be able to perform triple digit multiplication and long division.”

“Montessori Plus effectively gave my daughter the tools and knowledge to be at the top of her class. She recently qualified to enter the Highly Capable Program (HCP) offered through the Kent School District for 3rd Grade. I have only great praise for what Montessori Plus did for my daughter and her future. We even suggested Montessori Plus to our local friends and they have expressed the same level of praise. My only regret was not keeping her in Montessori Plus to complete the entire program.”

β€” Michael Park


“As a parent, I want to be able to teach my child how to grow intellectually, as well as spiritually. I want her to grow up learning what life has to offer without having any boundaries or limitations that constraint the education she needs to move forward. Sending her to Montessori Plus School has been the best decision I have made. The philosophy behind the school is so inspiring to me, specifically the compassion and kindheartedness they showed my family. In this past year that my child has attended the school, I have seen such a remarkable growth in the humanitarian I want her to be. The teachers at this school have exceeded my expectations. Everything that I want my child to learn is being taught in manner in which a conventional school could never have done.”

“We are a military family, and have moved more times than I can count. We are going to make our final journey back home to Chicago at the end of the year, and I must say though, this will be the hardest good-bye for us. The teachers, students, and parents have been more like an extended family. I have always felt a sense of security, that when I dropped off my child, she will be taken care of like one of their own. Everyone at Montessori Plus School will always have a special place in our hearts and will be greatly missed!”

β€” Montessori Mom


“My daughter was attending a corporate daycare and I was finding that she was not receiving the skill building and attention that she needed to continue to grow. I was intrigued by the Montessori method and scheduled a visit to Montessori Plus. Enrolling my daughter in this school was one of the best decisions that I have ever made! She has been in the program for three years and I am amazed at what she can do. She is reading, writing, creating wonderful art pieces, performing advanced math skills, learning grammar, science and geography as well as developing into a wonderful little person. Montessori Plus not only has provided an excellent education for my daughter but the instructors have helped my daughter grow into an independent, intelligent, thoughtful and caring person. Montessori Plus meets a child where he/she is at and helps them develop into the best person that he/she can be. The teachers provide individualized attention that addresses the whole child, not just the cognitive/thinking aspects. They address the emotional needs of our children as well. The teachers are patient, caring, and encouraging. The staff has worked with me and my husband and as a team we have helped my daughter grown into a wonderful young lady. Montessori Plus is a great place for children and parents too!”

β€” Montessori Parent


“My kids have attended Montessori Plus School and have felt welcomed and cared for by the sincere staff. As they leave for public school education, it is wonderful to know that their school has prepared them to make a successful transition into public school! My kids began blending words and reading even before entering kindergarten. That has helped them a lot!”

β€” Daxa Thomas, Parent & Elementary School Principal


“Compassion, curiosity, confidence: three traits that Montessori Plus recognizes and nurtures in every child. And they do so in a way that is specific to each child’s needs. My daughter who attended this school and my daughter who now attends this school could not be more different, yet they’ve each come away from their school days here with giant smiles and lots of projects or “works” of which they are very proud.

Occasionally, I’ve seen a child drop a toy or become upset at something not going their way. The most common response is for two or three other children to check on their friend and offer help. A final hug and reassuring words from a teacher gets them back on their way. I definitely sense a higher awareness in my daughters of what is going on around them and how their actions impact others. Learning how to interact compassionately at this age is definitely going to help them build strong personal and working relationships in the future.

“I want to learn about everything!,” sighed my five-year-old one night. When asked to specify, she was able to narrow it down to the solar system, animals, math equations and drawing. Unsurprisingly these are all subjects she was exposed to during her time at Montessori Plus. The teachers and staff patiently and happily handle the deluge of questions that preschoolers love to shower on any adult. If your child is curious about a subject, she will be encouraged to expand on that subject while simultaneously having that curiosity channeled into other areas as well. This “learning is awesome” environment is unbeatable.

Personally, my favorite theme of Montessori is to let children do for themselves. After only a couple of months at Montessori Plus School my three-year-old insists on dressing herself and doing things like making her own sandwiches or pouring her own juice (from a pitcher recommended by Montessori). Rarely do my daughters shy away from trying new things or attempting to figure out a problem on their own. The confidence they show is the result of them being challenged with reasonable, achievable goals while acquiring practical life skills along the way. Entering a new situation with a realistic sense of confidence is crucial to growth in any area of life.

It is impressive how such a diverse group of children enters this school yet they all come away from their days there with the same confident, proud smiles. I cannot think of a better preschool environment than the one fostered at Montessori Plus.”

β€” Anne Forsythe


“Our daughter has been attending Montessori Plus for 2 years and will
start her third year this September. We are very excited for her to
experience kindergarten in a Montessori environment. This school is
simply amazing and we can’t imagine our daughter in any other form of
preschool/kindergarten. We view Montessori Plus as much more than
just “child care”. This school is providing our daughter with an
incredible head start to learning, experiencing, and growing as an
individual in a trusting and respectful environment.

The Montessori process and environment is the perfect fit
for our daughter as she has always been an inquisitive, at times very intense,
and independent child. The teachers at Montessori Plus are amazing and have
not only been there to guide our daughter during her work and play, but they
have been an incredible resource for us as we create a Montessori home
so our daughter can continue to thrive as an individual. Our daughter
is already reading, doing simple math, problem solving in a very
intelligent and meaningful way, and is very in tune with hers and
other people’s feelings. I would highly recommend Montessori Plus to
anybody who really cares about their child receiving the best head
start in learning and developing.”

β€” Kelly Ross


“Our daughter has been at Montessori Plus School since she was almost
three. She is now five. She has always been very busy, and Montessori
Plus is a great fit for her because they channel her business into
learning that she loves. She reads very well, is crazy about
geography, and is starting to really understand subtraction and
multiplication. She loves her teachers who are so friendly and loving.

As a parent, it’s always been reassuring to drop her off each morning
at such a happy place. The other kids and parents are really great

β€” Nick Senzee


“After the 3 years our 6 year old daughter attended Montessori Plus School and the 2 years our 4 year old son has almost completed, we highly recommend Montessori Plus School. The classes are small and the administration and teachers genuinely enjoy the children and are committed to their development. We have been and are continually amazed at the independence and confidence our children portray as well as what they have learned in all areas including math, language, writing and reading. Our son was very reluctant to write his letters and numbers but is now so proud of his accomplishments and enjoys practicing at home. We are thrilled he will be returning for his third year next year. Our daughter also blossomed at Montessori Plus and is doing very well in first grade which we attribute in part to her strong base in the Montessori method of learning.”

β€” Jeff and Staci Dale


“I stumbled upon Montessori learning when I was simply looking for an educationally focused child care three years ago. I had no idea what I had found! The Montessori way honors the child and treats her with respect, while it creates an environment that makes her want to pursue her own learning. My daughter (who is starting Kindergarten in the fall) is testing at 2nd grade math, 1st grade reading, and simply loves to learn! I attribute this to the mixed aged classroom which encourages peer to peer learning and a desire to move on to more challenging tasks. The structure allows the child the freedom to plan out his/her day, but enough structure to ensure that he/she is working through all subjects.

While I was looking for a childcare with strong academics and an atmosphere where I, myself would like to spend my day. I found something unique. First, I noticed that the classrooms were quiet, children and teachers were talking softly and respectfully to each other. It was peaceful, a place where kids could think and learn. Children are honored, they are heard, they are given guidance and correction if necessary, but most often encouraged to continue to work at it themselves and expected to treat others respectfully and they reciprocate this behavior. Montessori Plus has prepared my child for life-long successful learning all while instilling confidence, independence, and social values such as respect of self and others. I HIGHLY recommend Montessori Plus!”

β€” Kendra Rogers