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Kent East Hill Campus

Cascade Morning Class:  U.S.A.

Sharing:  Please bring an object that is related to the USA on Wednesday.


Olympic Morning Class:  Keeping Healthy

Sharing: Please bring something that starts with the ‘h’ sound and your favorite fruit or vegetable on Wednesday.

Olympic Afternoon Class:   Insect and Bug Collections

Sharing:  Please bring an item or a picture of an insect or bug for sharing on Wednesday.


Rainier Morning Class: Oceans

Rainier AM: Please bring a picture or an object of your favorite ocean creature on Wednesday.

Rainier PM:  Opposites

Sharing:  Please bring an object that starts with the ‘o’ or ‘p’ sound or something about opposites on Wednesday.


Kent Downtown Campus

Morning Class: Cooking is Fun

Sharing: Please bring your favorite vegetable to make soup to share on Wednesday.

Afternoon Class: Magnets

Sharing:  Please bring any type of  magnet or something that starts with the “z” sound on Wednesday.